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Are ‌you⁢ a first responder? If so, you’re in luck! Summit Racing is offering ⁣an exclusive discount⁢ just for you. As a way ⁢of showing appreciation for the hard work and ⁤sacrifices you make every day, Summit Racing wants to make it easier for ‌you to pursue your passion for automotive and racing. Read on​ to find out more about Summit Racing and ⁤how to take advantage of their special discount.

Summit Racing is a⁤ trusted and well-established supplier in the automotive industry.​ They offer a wide range of parts, ​accessories, ​and tools⁤ for‍ racing, street ⁤performance, off-roading, and ⁣more. Whether you are a professional mechanic or a car enthusiast, Summit Racing is your one-stop shop for all your ⁣automotive needs. With a vast inventory and competitive prices, you can ⁤find everything from engine components and suspension kits to car care products and⁣ safety gear.

Getting the Summit Racing first responder discount is simple and straightforward. As a first⁢ responder, all you need ‍to do is verify your identity and affiliation. You can do this easily through Summit ⁢Racing’s dedicated customer service ​team. Once verified, you will gain ⁤access to exclusive discounts on a wide⁣ selection of products.‍ It’s ⁤their way of saying ‍”thank you”​ for your service. So don’t hesitate, take advantage of this‍ amazing⁢ opportunity and save on your next ⁢automotive purchase at Summit Racing.

Remember, Summit Racing believes in the importance of supporting ⁤those who support our communities. That’s why they are proud to offer special discounts to first responders like you. Whether ‍you need to upgrade your vehicle for work or simply want ⁢to take your car performance to the next level, Summit Racing has got you covered. Get ready to conquer the road with confidence, knowing‌ that you have access to top-quality products and unbeatable prices. So go online or give them​ a call, and let Summit Racing help you take your automotive passion ​to new heights.


Q: What is⁢ Summit Racing’s first responder discount?

A: Summit Racing’s first responder discount⁤ is a special offer designed to show appreciation for the hard work ‌and dedication of our​ brave first​ responders. ‍It allows eligible individuals to save on their purchases at Summit‍ Racing.

Q: Who is eligible for ⁢the first responder⁤ discount?

A: The ⁤first responder discount is available to all active-duty police officers, firefighters,​ EMTs, and paramedics. ​We also extend this discount to retired first ⁤responders with valid identification.

Q: How much discount can first responders receive?

A:⁢ Eligible ‌first responders can receive a⁢ 10% discount on their purchases at Summit Racing. This ‍discount applies to a wide range⁣ of products available on our website or at our ⁢retail stores.

Q: Do ‌I need to register to receive the discount?

A: Yes, to receive the first responder discount, you need to register ‌with Summit Racing. You can do this by providing ⁢some basic information and verifying ⁣your ​first responder status. Once registered, the discount will automatically be applied to your orders.

Q:​ Can the first responder discount be combined​ with other promotions​ or offers?

A: Unfortunately, the first responder discount cannot⁤ be combined with other promotions or offers. However, it will be applied to the original price of the eligible items, helping you save even more.

Q: ⁤How can I take advantage of the first responder discount?

A: To take advantage of the discount, you have two options. You can either shop online at and log in with your registered ⁣account to apply the discount automatically. Alternatively, you can visit one of our retail stores and present your valid identification⁣ to ‍the store associate at checkout.

Q: Is ‌there an expiration ⁢date for the first responder discount?

A: No, there is no expiration date for the first responder discount at Summit Racing. It ⁤is an ongoing offer to honor and support our first responders year-round.

Q: What if I have further⁢ questions or need assistance?

A: If you have‌ any further questions or need assistance regarding the first responder discount, our friendly customer service team is always ⁢ready to help. You can reach‌ out to them‌ via phone or email, and they⁢ will be ⁣happy to assist you.

Q: Is Summit Racing planning to extend discounts to other professions in the future?

A: As of now, ‌our first responder discount is specifically tailored to honor the incredible ‌work of police officers, ‌firefighters, EMTs,‍ and paramedics. While we currently do not offer discounts to other professions, we are always looking for ways to show appreciation to different ⁢communities. Stay tuned for any updates or new offers on our website and social media platforms.