T-Mobile Offers 50% Off Magenta Unlimited Plans For First Responders

tmobile first responder discount

T-Mobile is making an effort to attract first responders by offering the Magenta First Responder plan, which offers those working in public safety an incredible 50% discount off regular Magenta unlimited plans that will include 5G access from 2023 on.

First responders of all stripes – active, inactive and immediate family alike – are eligible for this discount from T-Mobile, including state or local paid or volunteer police, fire, EMS or sheriff’s deputy positions and spouses or children of those killed while performing duties in line of duty. Furthermore, T-Mobile goes further by giving priority data without registration or additional fees required of eligible first responders.

T-Mobile will prioritize first responder data when there is network congestion, meaning non-critical traffic will be removed to make room for first responders’ critical data. This service is similar to what AT&T, Verizon and Sprint provide with their FirstNet services.

T-Mobile’s offer comes as a response to first responder concerns over network slowdowns during natural disasters and other crises, according to John Legere of T-Mobile’s CEO John. According to T-Mobile CEO John, this new initiative could save first responders an estimated $8 billion over 10 years which they can put towards “better pay and life-saving tools.” For more details about this plan please visit tmobile.com/firstresponder