Tecovas First Responder Discount

Tecovas’ First Responder Discount

No matter if you work in Law Enforcement, EMT services, Firefighting or another First Responding role – whether Law Enforcement Officers, EMT workers or firefighters are on call daily; Tecovas wants to thank and recognize you with an exclusive discount offer! They know you put yourself on the line every day, and want to show their gratitude.

When in search of new boots, make sure to consider Tecovas. Their collection offers high-quality boots at very competitive prices; additionally they also carry apparel and leather accessories for affordable pricing.

Their business began online, in 2015, and since then has expanded into 17 stores and plans to add 15 more within 18 months.

This year, Tecovas is focused on expanding its customer base and adding new product lines. Furthermore, its goal is to double its team from 60 employees last year up to 120 by year end.

Paul Hedrick, CEO of Tecovas, stated his intentions of taking the company in an unconventional direction. Although Hedrick noted the brand has extensive experience selling boots, he hopes to also expand into other Western wear products.

He stated he would focus his efforts on women and Millennial shoppers. Additionally, he has appointed new senior vice presidents of retail as chief marketing officer, chief supply chain officer and senior vice presidents of marketing / supply chain officer respectively.

Tecovas offers both online and physical shopping experiences; with physical stores in Austin and San Antonio. Hedrick estimates five to seven new stores will open up by 2022.