Tesla Offers First Responder Discount on All Models

K-9 Tesla has become an indispensable member of Lake Country Fire and Rescue’s small department in rural Washington state, whether she’s helping first responders decompress after calls or comforting members of her community. Her presence makes an immediate difference.

As a gesture of their appreciation, Tesla is offering first responder discounts on all its electric vehicles to police officers, firefighters and EMTs. Additionally, the company provides helpful guides that prepare these professionals to respond to a Tesla car accident or fire.

Firefighters often lack experience extinguishing electric vehicle (EV) fires, which require different methods than gas cars to extinguish. Sometimes firefighters may need to cut high voltage loops of an EV in order to shut off its motor and prevent further damage. Tesla offers a publicly accessible guide advising firefighters not to use large quantities of water because this could cause lithium battery overheating and increase damage.

After an inauspicious start, Tesla’s stock value has rebounded strongly and investors appear relieved that CEO Elon Musk is taking steps to halt the decline and preserve their EV market dominance.

One factor hindering Tesla is customers delaying delivery to take advantage of a federal tax credit worth $7,500 on Model 3. That could cause fourth-quarter sales figures to decrease significantly at a time when sales need to grow.