Tieks Shoes First Responder Discount

tieks shoes first responder discount

Tieks offers a 10% discount to healthcare professionals and active first responders.

Tieks Shoes first responder discount is valid on both full-priced and discounted products – an incredible way to save on these super flexible, lightweight, adaptable flats that fold up so small they fit in your purse!

Tieks Run True to Size, But You Can Go Up Half A Size for More Comfort

In my experience, ordering Tieks a half size larger than my usual shoe size usually leads to greater comfort over time as they stretch and become more flexible with wear. This method works best if you order them a half size larger than what fits best on you.

Can Tieks Be Worn with Plantar Fascitis?

Yes, Tieks can be worn with plantar fasciitis provided they’re not too tight. If they are, consider wearing some supportive insoles for extra comfort and support.

Do I Need to Worry About Scuffing?

Tieks tend to scuff easily, and it’s common for some light scuffing along the sides and top of the soles. Although this is normal, you can easily clean them with a damp cloth and wipe them down, especially for regular leather styles.

Is Break-In Hard?

Breaking-in your Tieks can take some time, and sometimes feel tight around your toes. To ease this discomfort, place wine corks or golf balls inside each Tieks every night before bed and try wearing them as much during the day as possible until they feel comfortable.