Traeger First Responder Discount

traeger first responder discount

Traeger(r) is an industry leader when it comes to wood-fired technology for grills and outdoor cooking. Their products make al fresco cooking simpler and more pleasurable with digital temperature controls and Wi-Fi enabled grills – they even provide extras like strain relief devices to make cooking simpler!

Traeger provides a first responder discount as a gesture of thanks for all those who put themselves out there every day to protect us – including police officers, firefighters, EMTs and search and rescue professionals. This discount is extended to active and retired personnel as well as their spouses and children; to take advantage of it simply sign up on the Traeger website and verify your status as a first responder.

Get the most from your Traeger grill or smoker with the right rubs, sauces and seasonings! Traeger’s BBQ rubs and spices add delicious flavors to meat dishes while giving your recipes an extra kick – including coffee rub, beef rub and big game rub options!

As one way of keeping your traeger grill clean, putting down a sheet of aluminum foil underneath when not in use can help. This will prevent its bottom from burning up and reduce ash build-up in its drip tray. Suitable sheets exist specifically designed for the 575 pro, or you could just overlap standard aluminum foil like roof shingles – either way works.