True Classic Tees – First Responder Discount

true classic tees first responder discount

True Classic has found immediate success in an otherwise difficult market for direct to consumer (DTC) brands to break even and reach profitability (Peloton, Wayfair or Allbirds come to mind), by producing comfortable tees designed specifically to accentuate men’s arms and shoulders while remaining soft to wash well. Hypertargeting may seem the way of going; instead of following this route however, True Classic employs creative messaging instead.

On their website, this company makes their mission crystal clear – helping homeless vets. While that goal is admirable and hard to argue against, their tees seem to receive rave reviews; one reviewer likened their fit to Fresh Clean while one more specifically mentioned an issue where sometimes their hems unravelled.

User feedback suggests these tees are an ideal option for men with larger chests who appreciate how the material stretches with them, providing comfortable everyday wear ranging from sizes XS-5XL.

Email response times from this company are generally average and they take pride in actively engaging on social media if anyone experiences any problems. In addition, they have a refund policy similar to Fresh Clean’s.