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Untuckit, the popular clothing brand known ​for its stylish button-down shirts ‍tailored to wear ⁣untucked, understands ⁢the ⁢sacrifices made by first responders. That’s why they ‌offer an⁤ exclusive discount to⁣ show their appreciation ‌for those who work tirelessly to keep our‍ communities safe. If you’re a first responder looking to ⁤add some ⁢fashionable and​ comfortable pieces‌ to your wardrobe, read ⁢on to find out how⁤ you can take advantage of this special offer‌ from Untuckit.

Untuckit is a clothing company that⁣ specializes in producing high-quality ‌button-down shirts that are⁣ designed ⁢to be ‍worn untucked, making them ⁣the perfect choice for individuals looking to⁣ achieve a stylish and casual ​yet polished ​look.‍ Whether you’re going for​ a night out, a casual office setting, or a weekend getaway,⁣ Untuckit offers⁢ a range of ⁢designs ‍and⁤ fabrics ⁣to suit your⁢ style and preferences. Their shirts ‌are well-known ⁣for their ‍excellent fit ‍and attention to detail, ‌ensuring that you ‍always⁣ look and feel your best.

To avail of the Untuckit first ‌responder discount, simply visit their⁤ website and browse through their extensive collection of shirts, pants, and other apparel. ⁤Once you have selected your‌ desired ‍items, ​proceed to ⁣the checkout ‍page. As a first responder, you ⁣would need to verify‌ your status⁢ through a‍ third-party⁢ service⁣ called ID.me. ‍This verification process ensures that the discount is​ exclusively available to eligible individuals. After⁣ successful verification, you will receive⁢ a unique promo ​code that can ​be applied at checkout,⁢ allowing you to enjoy the ‍discounted price on ⁢your purchase. ⁢It’s Untuckit’s way of⁤ thanking first responders ​for their⁢ dedicated service with ⁣some stylish and​ high-quality apparel.


Q: What is the “Untuckit first responder discount”?
A: The “Untuckit ​first responder discount” ‍is a⁤ special offer created by the popular clothing‍ brand,‍ Untuckit, exclusively for first responders. It ‌allows them to enjoy a discount on their purchases as a token of appreciation for​ their dedicated service.

Q: Who qualifies⁤ for the first ⁣responder discount?
A: The first responder⁤ discount is ‍available to all ⁢active-duty⁤ and retired ​first responders, including police officers,‌ firefighters, ⁤and EMTs. Untuckit recognizes the selfless contributions of these‍ individuals and wants to make shopping for their stylish ⁣clothing easier and more affordable.

Q: How much discount is offered to first responders?
A: Untuckit offers a generous⁣ 25% discount‌ to all eligible first responders. ⁤This discount applies to their entire purchase, allowing them to save significantly on high-quality clothing items.

Q: ​Can ⁢this discount be ⁤used both online⁣ and in-store?
A: Yes, ‍first responders can ​use the discount both online and⁢ in-store. For online purchases, first responders can apply their discount code at checkout, ⁣while in-store they simply need ⁢to‌ present‌ a valid first​ responder ID to ⁣receive the discount.

Q: Are there ‍any limitations or exclusions to the first ⁣responder discount?
A: The first responder discount cannot be ‌combined with ‍any other promotion or discount⁢ code, ‍and it cannot be applied to ‌gift⁢ cards or previous⁤ purchases.⁤ However, it is‌ valid on all‌ regular-priced ⁤and sale⁤ items, giving first responders a‌ great deal on ‍their ⁢favorite Untuckit ‍products.

Q: How can ​first responders take advantage of this discount?
A: First ⁤responders can easily access this discount​ by visiting the Untuckit website or ⁣any of their local Untuckit ⁢stores. Online, they can⁣ verify their first responder status ​through a verification process, and in-store, they can present‌ their valid‌ first⁣ responder ID ​to the sales associate.

Q: Is this ⁣discount ‍available to ​first responders worldwide?
A: Yes, ⁣the Untuckit ⁢first responder discount ⁢is available to first responders around the world, regardless of their location. ‌Untuckit ‍recognizes and appreciates⁤ the efforts ​and sacrifices made by ⁢first responders globally.

Q: How long will this discount be available?
A: The Untuckit‍ first ⁣responder discount is​ an ‍ongoing offer, available for all eligible‌ first responders. Untuckit⁢ is committed ‍to ‌supporting those who dedicate their lives to serving and protecting ‍their communities.

Q: ⁤Can family members of first responders‌ also benefit⁣ from this discount?
A: Unfortunately,‌ the‍ first responder discount is exclusively for active-duty​ and retired first responders themselves. However, Untuckit occasionally runs separate⁢ promotions and discounts⁤ for their broader customer base, where⁢ family members and ⁢friends of first responders can save​ on their‍ purchases.

We hope​ this Q&A‍ has provided you ‍with all the information you need about the Untuckit first responder discount.