Weight Watchers First Responder Discount

Weight Watchers First Responder Discount

Weight watchers offers a special discount for active first responders. You can get your first month membership at an attractive discount, plus save on products such as smart scales and barcode scanners that make tracking food easy.

First responders often qualify for the greatest savings, since they are more likely to join a plan than other members. Furthermore, first responders tend to stay with the program longer, providing another advantage to them.

Weight Watchers provides a range of plans, both digital-only and in-person meeting options. Additionally, it provides foods with points values to track food choices more easily.

The beauty of the program is that it’s customizable to your individual needs. You can modify your diet, fitness level and weight loss objectives accordingly. Plus, you’ll earn rewards for completing activities such as walking a certain number of miles or losing a specific amount of weight.

Aside from a monthly membership, you can purchase exercise equipment and DVDs, packaged foods and cookbooks. You may even pick up storage tools or other kitchen utensils to make dieting easier.

They regularly offer great offers throughout the year, and you can often combine them for even greater discounts. To find them, browse their homepage or subscribe to their e-mail newsletter.