YMCA First Responder Discount

ymca membership first responder discount

As a First Responder, your family may qualify for a discounted membership at your local YMCA. For more information about this benefit, contact your nearest branch today.

Benefits of Joining the YMCA:

Health and wellness programs for all ages – children, teens and adults), signature classes, fitness assessments, free group exercise classes as well as discounted program rates await Y members nationwide!

Financial Assistance:

YMCA offers various financial assistance programs for people of all incomes and backgrounds. Learn more online or by contacting your local Y.

Corporate Discounts:

Our partnership with corporations allows them to take advantage of discounted membership rates at our Ys. Learn more by exploring Corporate Membership online or by reaching out directly.

Insurance Co-Pays:

Many health insurance policies now cover YMCA programs and membership fees; please reach out to your provider for details.

Scholarships: The YMCA provides scholarships to its eligible members as a means of encouraging active and healthy lifestyles. You can apply for one by downloading and filling out a form online, or calling your local office and asking them for an application form.

First Responder Discounts:

Knoxville YMCA first responders and their families can take advantage of special pricing by getting 50% off membership. This discount will be deducted directly from their paycheck once per month.

School Programs: Whilst we provide various school/school system-sponsored programs for children and youth, you may cancel registration of any such programs two weeks prior to its start date by providing written/email notice of cancellation.