Zara First Responder Discount

Zara is known for delivering must-have trends season after season – and you can always return whatever you purchase at no charge! When leather blazers or shearling jackets make a comeback in fashion, people turn immediately to Zara as their go-to shop. The fast fashion retailer specializes in fast fashion that delivers must-have items quickly.

Zara has accomplished this through its highly responsive supply chain. They can design, produce and ship new garments directly to its stores within 15 days–an unparalleled feat in fashion industry where designers take months imagining an entire season’s worth of clothes.

Zara’s speed and responsiveness also reduce costs by eliminating overproduction. Instead of designing an entire collection for each season at once, they design only 25-60 percent at the beginning of each season and then continue designing while the remainder of it comes to fruition during its own runtime. They can also adjust styles or fabrics based on customer feedback to keep costs under control.

Store managers regularly ask their customers what they would like to see and then quickly send back the results to designers, which reduces overproduction while simultaneously decreasing unsold inventory levels.

This brand invests in higher quality fabrics than traditional retailers, striving towards 100% organic, recycled or manmade cellulosic fiber (MMCF) cotton by 2040 – an ambitious goal which must be reached by decreasing production of fabrics from petroleum-derived sources such as vinyl, sequins and polyester.