A Police Officer Gets a Pig Drawing on His Burger King Order

burger king first responder discount

On his dinner break last Thursday in Clovis, New Mexico a police officer wasn’t expecting to find that his order was marked with a racist cartoon depiction of a pig drawn on its wrapper by Burger King – reports KRQE. “This was very disrespectful of them to do that to me and made me not want to return again,” the officer stated, not wanting to return again for fear that something similar may happen again in future visits.

BURGER KING(r), established in 1954, is an international chain of quick service restaurants specializing in hamburgers and fries. Their menu items use high-quality ingredients for maximum taste; BK is known for its signature flame-broiled taste as well as iconic sandwiches; there are currently 13,000 BK locations serving 11 million customers daily!

Burger King offers the first responder discount to active duty, veteran and retired military members at select locations. To take advantage of it, please present a valid military or first responder ID upon making your purchase. This offer also extends to members of the National Guard, Reserves as well as immediate family of active or retiree military.

To qualify for the Burger King first responder discount, SheerID verification service must first be used before ordering either online or at a participating location. SheerID checks your identity quickly but doesn’t store any personal data, making it safe to use. In addition to this offer, some participating restaurants also provide additional first responder and military discounts and deals.