Binny’s First Responder Discount

binnys first responder discount

Binny’s offers a first responder discount, valid for law enforcement officers, firefighters and EMT staff. Law enforcement personnel eligible to work under this program include police officers, sheriffs and their deputies, correctional officers, state troopers, federal law enforcement officers as well as 911 operators/dispatchers. Eligible fire service personnel include both career and volunteer firefighters; emergency medical staff include paramedics and EMTs. When entering their code in the Promo Codes box at checkout, online orders qualify for discounted in-store pickup in as little as one hour at any Binny’S store; customers presenting valid state/national ID/military ID/driver’s license can present for age verification.

On this episode of Barrel to Bottle Podcast, our team taste-tested four flavors of Fried Chicken Whiskey blind while blind-brewing six types of beer to test with Binny’s customers as part of a blind taste test.