Bushnell First Responder Discount

bushnell first responder discount

Bushnell is a globally acclaimed brand that leads the sports optics industry with top-quality products, from hunting and stargazing to birdwatching and concerts indoor events like sports or concerts. Their distinctive binoculars, rifle scopes and spotting scopes are highly desired among sports enthusiasts around the globe – so much so that special discounts and offers on them are often advertised through social media channels in order to attract new customers.

Outstripping their regular discounts, they also give first responders and other groups the chance to save even more using the Bushnell First Responder Discount. Eligibility requirements may differ between groups; generally though, proof of eligibility must be provided through supporting documentation before being eligible to access their discount.

Recently, the company launched a VIP purchase program offering daily discounts to both current and former military members. Through this initiative, military members can take advantage of savings similar to civilians by simply uploading their DD214, Limited Earning Statement (LES), VA Card or supporting documents onto its official website. Please be aware that only online purchases qualify for this VIP purchase program with a minimum order requirement of $50; those unable to meet it can still take advantage of free shipping offers or sign up for their newsletter to gain exclusive offers and updates.