Canada Goose Offers First Responder Discount

canada goose first responder discount

BU Today:

In an economy where luxury brands are retreating due to economic hardship, Canada Goose keeps its brand relevant among affluent consumers with a capital P by being practical and performance-driven. No longer exclusive to the 1%, Canada Goose appeals to young urban professionals who require top-of-the-line performance in their daily lives – from keeping researchers warm in Antarctica to keeping snowy city dwellers comfortable during long subway rides.

The brand takes ethically sourced down and fur sourcing seriously, using materials which are both eco-friendly and traceable throughout their supply chain. Furthermore, they have prohibited live plucking or force feeding animals, adhering to the Five Freedoms of animal welfare.

Another positive is Canada Goose’s decision not to employ a spokesperson, instead telling stories of its “Goose People” who brave extreme conditions – like arctic explorers and medivac flight nurses. Their stories have earned the brand an international following among affluent consumers worldwide.

Canada Goose has recently unveiled their Re-Commerce Platform, which allows consumers to trade in pre-loved coats and sportswear items for new pieces. This initiative helps keep quality pieces out of landfills while supporting the brand’s sustainable initiatives.

For first responder customers, including military, police, firefighters and EMS personnel, the brand is offering a 15% discount until February 2022 at all of their stores and websites.