Car First Responder Discount

car first responder discount

Car first responder discounts may help save on car insurance premiums for people serving in public service such as law enforcement officers, firefighters and EMTs.

This discount is intended to show our gratitude and show appreciation for those who serve in the public sector and protect their communities. It applies both active and retired first responders who meet specific eligibility requirements.

GM: Their First Responder Appreciation Program offers eligible firefighters, police officers, EMTs, paramedics and 911 dispatchers $500 bonus cash when leasing or purchasing qualifying GM vehicles until April 1st 2021.

Ford: From now until July 6th, Ford offers the First Responders and Healthcare Professionals Bonus which offers up to a $500 discount off most models.

Honda: Through their Honda First Responder & Healthcare Professional Appreciation Program, healthcare workers who provide proof of credentials (medical doctors, nurses, physician assistants or technicians) qualify for a $500 discount through July 6. This deal applies until then.

Volvo: Volvo is offering first responders, medical professionals and teachers a loyalty discount worth about $2,500 when buying or leasing their next model vehicle. Take advantage of it if upgrading can save you money!

Sixt: If you are an active-duty law enforcement officer, firefighter, or military member then Sixt offers a 5% discount when renting cars online. Just bring valid identification when booking online!