Cinemark First Responder Discount

cinemark first responder discount

Cinemark is a major movie theater chain offering an enjoyable movie-going experience at reasonable prices. To address the COVID-19 pandemic, Cinemark has taken measures such as enhanced cleaning procedures, reduced theater capacity, and mandating masks for both employees and customers. Furthermore, they recently launched a streaming service as well as plans to construct additional locations featuring luxury recliners and IMAX screens.

The Company provides customers with various discounts programs, including senior discounts and military discounts. These programs allow people who enjoy movies to save money when seeing their favorite flicks, with visits to its website for details regarding available offers and how to take advantage of them.

Members can earn points by making purchases online and at participating Cinemark locations, according to the Terms and Conditions of the Program and not redeemable for cash. From time-to-time members may also have the chance to exchange their earned points for digital downloads of certain products as allowed under both these policies as well as third-party terms and conditions.

Cinemark reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time, with Member participation and the receipt of Rewards subject to any new conditions that come into effect. Cinemark may also choose to terminate or cancel their Program at any point; should that occur, Members will forfeit all rewards earned during that timeframe.