Cox Communications Offers a First Responder Discount

cox first responder discount

Cox Communications is one of the largest private broadband communications and entertainment companies in the United States, providing video, home internet and phone services to both consumers and businesses alike. Renowned for industry-leading customer service, Cox is dedicated to supporting first responders and military families and offers discounts and incentives specifically for them.

Cox offers its First Responder Discount to police officers, firefighters, EMTs and paramedics who meet eligibility requirements and who provide proof of employment; those eligible can get discounted home internet plans and other services; teachers and students also qualify; however, only one discount at a time may be applied and it only applies if their primary account holder meets these eligibility requirements.

Cox offers not only first responder discounts but also veterans and low-income households a special offer through their Affordable Connectivity Program that could save them up to $50 each month on internet service costs – perfect for people on a tight budget looking for quality internet access at a good value! Getting home internet for as little as $9.95 monthly would make this program the ideal solution.

Verizon also provides first responder and healthcare worker discounts through special rates for its Unlimited Welcome and Plus plans or percentage discounts for other plans, as well as federal agency discounts. However, those who do not meet eligibility requirements for these discounts can still access them through Verizon’s federal agency program.