David Yurman First Responder Discount

david yurman first responder discount

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New York-based luxury jeweler will celebrate the holiday season in boho-chic style by unveiling an advertising campaign featuring Natalia Vodianova and Henry Golding, star of Crazy Rich Asians. Additionally, they’ve released men’s jewelry designs along with an emotive message of generosity that connects back to Elbi, an app which allows donors to donate microprojects in support of causes.

David Yurman recently marked its new flagship store’s grand opening with an extravagant celebration in New York City. With three times more space than its former flagship location, over 2,000 square feet is available to showcase all that glitters.

Yurman employs stringent safeguards to maintain its mark and product identity, such as trademark registration and actively enforcing its rights by sending cease and desist letters to unauthoritied third parties, employing investigators to enforce trademark rules, conducting regular visits to authorized retailers and employing an expert team that conducts forensic analyses to ascertain whether jewelry manufactured by third parties violates their trademarks.