Dish Network Offers a First Responder Discount

dish network first responder discount

Active duty, Reserve, or Veteran Military Personnel such as First Responders or Healthcare Workers can get an incredible discount on their Dish Network subscription. Not only will you receive free On Demand movies every month but you’ll also get a complimentary Hopper upgrade and an offer that ensures your service will remain the same price for two years!

First responders and military personnel are vital to our country, which is why DISH shows them some appreciation with a special discount for new and existing customers – as an expression of their gratitude!

The discount includes a variety of family-friendly TV shows like Hallmark Channel and Discovery Family, plus baby programming and more. Furthermore, you’ll get a free upgrade to Hopper 2 so that you can stream live TV and recorded content anywhere!

Families who may not have the funds for a premium package or want to save some cash can benefit from this feature. You’ll have access to your favorite shows anytime you want, no matter where you are or how busy you are – making it ideal for busy households!

Dish launched Sling TV in January to combat the growing shift of consumers towards online video services. Sling is a Netflix-like service that offers an array of TV shows for just $19.95 per month with additional channels available at an additional $5 fee per month.

Dish has expressed concern over the decline of pay TV subscribers, but said its 5G wireless network will attract new users and expand its subscriber base. However, CEO W. Erik Carlson hinted at possible capital needs as some of its debt approaches maturity, according to an investor call held this morning.