First Responder Discount on Alien Gear Holsters

alien gear first responder discount

First responders can qualify for discounts on all of alien gear’s gun holsters, with discounts starting from 10% off the entire line of inside and outside waistband holsters manufactured using durable leather or lightweight neoprene composite materials – providing fully concealed fitment that offers comfortable seating regardless of body type.

The company uses cutting-edge technologies like 3D modeling, precision injection molding and custom blended polymers to offer top-quality holsters at lower costs than other tactical brands. Their workforce consists of military veterans and law enforcement officers as well as competitive shooters and firearms enthusiasts with experience protecting our communities; using this knowledge they design products specifically tailored for those who depend on them most in the field.

Alien Gear was established in 2013 with the aim of offering high quality holsters for various firearms and offering accessories like mag carriers, holster shells and knife clips to complete its product offerings. Based entirely within the United States and all manufactured in northern Idaho; their product line is continually being enhanced to keep up with innovative gun holster designs.

Alien Gear Holster discounts can be easily achieved. Simply visit their website, locate a suitable holster for your weapon and enter a coupon code into a special window when checking out – then the discount should automatically apply itself! If you experience difficulty using your coupon, contact their customer support team for help – their staff are happy to assist with purchases as well as answer any queries about company policies; in some cases they even provide refunds or exchanges if necessary!