First Responder Discount on Shoes

on shoes first responder discount

Those serving during the coronavirus pandemic, from first responders and nurses to medical professionals and healthcare workers alike, will find many brands doing what they can to honor your service. Airlines such as Delta and Southwest offer free flights for healthcare workers headed into hard-hit areas; companies have created masks specifically made for you as well as providing discounts on shoes to keep feet comfortable – not forgetting discounts offered for shoes designed to protect feet while on duty!

Grasshoppers is offering nurses and other healthcare workers a 20% discount on casual shoes at its store, Carhartt provides rugged yet durable footwear at 25% off, Clarks provides 10% discounts for supportive shoes, while Crocs is offering daily allotments of its signature washable styles to healthcare workers (you can nominate yourself or colleagues on their website), while NHL Shop is giving health-care workers 15% discounts off sports gear purchases.

Nike will donate 32,500 Air Zoom Pulse sneakers to healthcare workers in the hardest-hit global cities. Furthermore, Merrell offers healthcare professionals 20% off its boots and sandals to support outdoor athletes around the globe.