Ghostbed First Responder Discount

As a first responder or simply shopping for a mattress, the ghostbed first responder discount can save you money on your purchase. This offer applies to mattresses, pillows and bed frames from various categories; as well as bundles that contain essentials for better sleep such as foundation and adjustable base bundles. These deals apply to military personnel as well as teachers, students and government employees – so take advantage!

The company provides a free 101-night trial so that you can test the mattress to see if it suits your needs and lifestyle. If not, simply return it for a refund without incurring a penalty fee – providing the assurance of finding your ideal mattress match!

ghostbed offers free shipping and handling fees to customers in the contiguous United States; however, Alaska and Hawaii residents may incur delivery fees. Furthermore, ghostbed provides a referral program with PayPal payments awarded per friend referred who purchases a mattress.

Ghostbed provides an assortment of mattresses, such as the Ghostbed Flex, Classic, and Luxe models. Each has distinct qualities that set them apart from competing products in the market – Ghostbed Flex was designed to conform to your body shape with a firm feel while their Classic and Luxe models offer more cushion and flexibility.