Hilton Honors First Responder Discount

hilton honors first responder discount

Hilton is an established hotel that is widely known for offering generous discounts to their customers, such as one specifically targeted towards nurses, doctors and frontline workers – such as nurses, doctors and frontline employees in healthcare professions such as nurses or doctors or frontline workers in frontline work – in order to show that it cares for these healthcare workers and provides them with a comfortable stay experience while at the same time showing that it shares its company values in regards to taking care of its employees. All companies should follow Hilton’s example in providing such discounts – something few other than this company does with regards to healthcare workers!

The First Responder Discount from Hilton hotels and resorts worldwide provides an ideal way to save on hotel stays, making your next hotel stay more affordable. Apply it during check-in or online, first responders must present valid government issued photo identification (ID or badge), letter from employer as proof and qualify.

Hilton is proud to acknowledge those who serve our nation with honor in uniform, especially first responders who respond in times of disaster. In honor of them and other military service personnel who put themselves forward as first responders when disaster strikes, an exclusive discount on rooms and amenities are being extended exclusively for them. Take advantage of this special offer by selecting “Military & First Responder Discount” when booking either online or by phone – these special rates apply whether booking rooms at Hilton directly or through booking services such as Expedia.