Luminox First Responder Discount

luminox first responder discount

Luminox offers its first responder discount to medical staff, military personnel and law enforcement officers from local to federal levels; including both sworn and non-sworn officers as well as dispatchers, technicians, community outreach workers and victim advocates. Additionally, this offer extends to active- and retired-military personnel as well as all governmental service workers including firefighters, paramedics, rescuers, fire inspectors/engineers, 911 operators/operator security services personnel airport/port security officers correction officers as well as non-sworn civilian employees such as parking enforcement.

In 1989, industry veterans Barry Cohen and Richard Timbo founded Luminox with the purpose of producing self-powered luminescent watches designed for use in low or no light situations. One such watch was adopted as standard issue by Navy SEALs as standard issue and established their reputation; today Luminox is widely associated with Special Operations and outdoor survival.

Luminox works closely with elite forces around the globe to develop watches tailored to their specific requirements. Their motto, “Always Visible”, is supported by innovative night vision technology that employs self-powered luminescent tubes capable of providing continuous illumination without batteries or exposure to light for up to 25 years – truly always visible!

At various retailers such as Lululemon, Tactical Baby Gear and RV for Fun you can receive Luminox first responder discounts. They even work closely with the US Air Force to supply F-117 Nighthawk Stealth fighter jet pilots and other elite aviation units with these watches.

Luminox works closely with experts like counter-terrorism operatives, underwater explorers and Indy 500 champions to develop specialist watches tailored to their particular circumstances. Their four series are Land, Sea, Air and Space; their latest release was designed with input from Special Ops personnel along with law enforcement and military personnel.