Magpul First Responder Discount

magpul first responder discount

Magpul has long been recognized for producing accessories designed to be both used and enjoyed, which they pride themselves in achieving through extensive design and testing. Their products help shooters gain a firmer grip on their firearms, and enhance shooting abilities. Their accessories come in an assortment of configurations and capacities so everyone has an option to personalize their weapon’s fit and feel. Magpul also produces tactical gear such as holsters to secure guns during storage.

Magpul Industries earned its name through its first product – an aid for quickly reloading magazines even under duress – that allowed for faster mag reloading under duress. Since then, they have adopted an approach of simple yet intuitive product design which can be seen throughout their selection of gun grips, AR-15 iron sights, rifle stocks and other accessory products available from Magpul Industries.

As the gun industry evolves, Magpul has been at the forefront of innovation by developing products that address user desires with what is currently available on the market. They have established themselves as an authority within firearms circles – winning respect among both amateurs and professionals, military members and law enforcement personnel alike.

Magpul offers an assortment of durable polymer magazines designed for use with AICS rifles and pistols, such as their Gen M3 PMAG for.300 BLK and CZ Scorpion bolt-action variant. Both use AICS pattern AICS magazines equipped with DOT Matrix technology and impact resistant floor plates – each built to stand up under abuse! Their rugged yet reliable construction ensures their reliable operation even under severe circumstances.