North American Rescue First Responder Discount

north american rescue first responder discount

North American Rescue First Responder Discount

Military, federal agencies, civilian law enforcement and EMS depend on North American Rescue for mission-critical medical solutions that increase survivability in the field. Their staff consists of former medics and first responders; all products are tested according to military Tactical Combat Casualty Care guidelines.

They ensure their products are supported by the expertise of veteran combat medics, technology providers and research experts to help reduce preventable deaths such as extremity hemorrhage, tension pneumothorax and airway obstruction. To this end, they have achieved ISO 13485 certification for quality, safety and effectiveness testing on their products.

Emergency Medical Products offers all the essential medical supplies and equipment first responders need, including trauma dressings, tourniquets, nasopharyngeal airways, compression sleeves and more. Plus there are specialty kits tailored specifically for certain types of traumatic injuries.

Trauma Dressings

Emergency Trauma Dressings are sterile pressure bandages designed to provide reliable blood absorption. They come in various sizes and apply easily with the Quick Grip Roll Control System.

CAT Tourniquet

The CAT Tourniquet is the official tourniquet of the United States Army and has been proven to be 100% effective at stopping blood flow in both arms and legs. It’s lightweight, easily applied with one hand, making it an ideal choice for First Responders.