Oakley Canada First Responder Discount

oakley canada first responder discount

The Oakley Standard Issue Discount Program is an excellent opportunity for military and first responders to save on products. Discounts are available across a range of Oakley sunglasses and apparel products, plus you can combine your SI discount with other sales, promo codes and discounts available on the official website to maximize your savings.

Who Can Take Advantage of the Oakley Standard Issue Discount?

The Standard Issue Discount Program is exclusive to members of the armed forces, law enforcement, and first responders. To join, you must first register with either a valid military email address and ID. Afterward, you will be able to view pricing on Oakley SI website.

How Can I Receive the Oakley Standard Issue Discount?

Registering for the Standard Issue Discount Program is a fast and painless process. Once completed, you’ll receive confirmation via military or government email address that your registration was successful – after which you can start shopping on Oakley Standard Issue’s site with your discounted price tag!

Can Civilians Buy Oakley Military Gear?

The Oakley SI discount is only available to military personnel, law enforcement officers and first responders. If you do not meet these qualifications then you are unable to purchase products from this site.

Can I Get Free Shipping at Oakley?

Oakley offers free two-day shipping on most products, as well as insurance for all shipments. Plus, you’ll enjoy no hassle returns with their offer!

What Are the Advantages of an Oakley Standard Issue Discount?

The Oakley Standard Issue Discount provides members with direct access to Oakley products at unbeatable prices, plus offers discounts on specific items as well as an Oakley Standard Issue Sale section offering end-of-line items at up to 50% off.