Oakley First Responder Discount

oakley first responder discount

Oakley is a performance equipment company known for their eyewear, watches, apparel, backpacks and shoes. Boasting over 600 patents on materials and designs alone, they are widely considered one of the most innovative companies in sports industry.

Oakley offers military discounts as an attractive way to save on sunglasses, aviators and more. Discount amounts may differ depending on which branch of service and time of year you belong – up to 10% in some cases! For further savings check with your base or any online retailers who specialize in selling Oakley products to see which discounts they have available.

Oakley SI (Oakley Standard Issue) program is an exclusive arm of Oakley’s company dedicated to serving military members, law enforcement officers and first responders. Among its offerings is eye protection with military grade quality that meets military specs for use during combat as well as “The Thin Blue Line.” Additionally, this division offers uniform-approved products as well as the Military PRIZM system which enhances vision at field sites.

Oakley is known for producing quality and high-performance products, often partnering with other brands to produce limited edition or custom items. Their popular Oakley X-Squared sunglasses feature digital overlays designed to protect from harmful blue light, while PRIZM lenses help first responders see in low-light conditions. In addition, Oakley also produces tactical gear such as armored vests and holsters inspired by military designs used by special forces and elite law enforcement units around the world as well as right-wing militia members and racist Proud Boy street fighters alike.