Owala First Responder Discount

owala first responder discount

First responders are individuals who work on the frontlines of public service, in the military or for law enforcement – they respond in dangerous places to life-threatening emergencies and manage life-saving situations. Health-care workers deserve our utmost thanks and honor for their bravery and sense of duty, so many companies offer special discounts for them – for instance, health-care workers can receive up to 35% discounts at participating hotels! Nurses and other healthcare professionals can save 12% on car insurance premiums with Dynotag’s SuperAlert Smart Tag program; Brooklyn Bedding gives medical workers and first responders a 25% discount; police, firefighters and EMTs get free SuperAlert tags from Dynotag; 50% discounts can be had from Owala for water bottles while EMTs, nurses and police receive 20% discounts from Pro Teeth Guard on custom night guards for teeth grinding purposes.

Some companies provide special deals and discounts for first responders and their family members alike, such as Gb3 which offers up to 30% off for first responders in June, and Morris 4×4 offering 10% discounts off products to fire, rescue, police, EMTs etc.

To take advantage of these deals, it’s necessary to submit to an identity verification process like VerifyPass and receive a unique coupon code that can only be used once; multiple items require separate codes; for optimal savings and promotions you should subscribe to a newsletter from your chosen retailer or provider.