Pit Viper First Responder Discount

No matter if you are a police officer, soldier, firefighter, EMT, lifeguard or even your mom; Pit Viper first responder discount sunglasses are an essential part of your gear arsenal. Their bullet/solar proof lenses and military grade construction make these glasses suitable for every job; additionally they come with a lifetime warranty; should anything go wrong with them Pit Viper will replace them free of charge!

The company was established in 2012 with the belief that sunglasses should be built to take a beating, after its founder broke his costly pair during a ski tour on Wyoming’s Tetons and decided to create his own brand centered around this philosophy. Since then, the company has produced top quality sunglasses you can rely on no matter the circumstance.

Not only does the company produce high-quality sunglasses, they also make other outdoor gear including apparel such as hats, shirts and jackets designed for activities outdoors.

Brand’s reputation for rugged durability has made them a go-to brand among cyclists, and recently unveiled their line of cycling kits. Additionally, their unapologetically horny branding has tap into current cultural zeitgeist without crossing any lines by staying rooted in nineties culture rather than memes like 69 and Pen15.

Pit Viper must find the delicate balance between being politically aware and offending its customer base, yet not eroding their base’s loyalty. They’ve done an outstanding job of this by counter-donating to organizations with views opposing those held by its alt-right customers.