Rainbow Sandals First Responder Discount

rainbow sandals first responder discount

Coupon Codes This discount applies to active duty military personnel, veterans, retired military personnel, spouses and dependents of active service members as well as US National Guard and Department of Defense members. Simply enter the promo code when making purchases online to save.

Applying a coupon code with Coupert is simple and takes only one click to activate. It’s an efficient way of saving money without needing to search the internet and remember codes while shopping online – Coupert automatically tests and applies any promo codes available when shopping with us, eliminating the worry about losing or forgetting one when making purchases.

The company does an outstanding job with their materials and design, creating the 301 Alts sandal which is both long-term durable and beautiful. However, production and distribution involve significant waste production via carbon dioxide emissions. Since production no longer takes place solely at their San Clemente facility alone; many products must now be shipped overseas via truck, airplane and ship using fossil fuels to power these means of transportation.

The energy used in creating the 301 Alts comes from both mechanical (human) and chemical (petroleum) sources. A significant proportion of this embodied energy comes from transportation as products are transported from their factory to their respective destinations. To mitigate some of this embodied energy impact, consumers can return their sandals so they may be repaired and given away to homeless or natural disaster victims – this program helps decrease how many products end up in landfills.