Sesame Place First Responder Discount

sesame place first responder discount

Sesame Place First Responder Discount is an innovative offer that gives those working in healthcare or military to take advantage of discounted product pricing – such as police officers, firefighters, 911 dispatchers and EMT/paramedics – at Sesame Place stores. Many companies now provide this unique discount in recognition of the invaluable services that these professionals provide society.

How to get the sesame place first responder discount

In order to qualify for the Sesame Place First Responder Discount, members of police, fire and emergency medical service as well as EMT are eligible for free tickets for themselves and three family members to Super Grover’s Everyday Heroes Weekends. In order to be eligible, individuals must possess valid government issued ID cards as well as complete an online verification form with an independent third party verification company – once completed you will be able to take advantage of your Sesame Place first responder discount!

Finding coupons and cashback offers is another great way to save on purchases at Sesame Place, whether online, social media pages, mailing lists or elsewhere. When doing this make sure that the coupon will work with your order by reading its fine print carefully.