Sig First Responder Discount

sig first responder discount

Police officers, law enforcement officers and military officers in the United States have access to a special first responder discount. This discount provides significant savings on firearms from some of the leading manufacturers in this industry for qualified personnel with appropriate credentials and identification.

At the SIG Sauer Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire, Sig Sauer offers comprehensive officer training for their line of firearms. Situated on 140 acres, it has become a top choice among law enforcement officers and firearms trainers seeking the very best SIG Sauer gun instruction.

SIG Sauer is a major provider of handguns to police departments and holds an exclusive contract with the U.S. Army to supply them with variations of its P320 pistol.

The P320 is a popular choice among law enforcement officers due to its accuracy, ergonomic design and lightweight trigger. Unfortunately, it has come under fire for various malfunctions, including one instance where an officer’s holstered Sig went off without him pulling the trigger.

Since 2017, Sig Sauer has been working to address these issues. A voluntary product exchange program launched in 2017 gave customers the option of sending in their guns for repair or exchange; Sig Sauer would then apply a lighter trigger on them.

Recently, SIG Sauer’s chief executive officer announced that their company will begin mass producing the MCX-SPEAR in 2019. This gun shoots bullets with twice the kinetic energy of an AR-15, making it more suitable for mass shootings in enclosed areas due to its higher muzzle velocity and ease of concealment. SIG Sauer estimates the MCX-SPEAR will be available at select dealers starting January 2020 at a price point of $7,999.