Sportsman’s Warehouse First Responder Discount

sportsmans warehouse first responder discount

Sportsman’s Warehouse offers discounts to law enforcement officers, first responders, military personnel, nurses, medical providers and teachers through its annual military and public safety appreciation day on January 24. At that event, most products including ammunition, firearms, optics and optics receive a 20% discount as part of its Explore Rewards loyalty program membership – these discounts extend even to law enforcement officers, firefighters, military personnel nurses medical providers teachers.

Store returns policies are generous, with many items eligible to be returned or exchanged – such as firearms, base layer clothing, mouth calls and software – eligible for returns or exchanges. Customers can check if their item qualifies before making an online purchase decision. The company website features an interactive tool which helps customers determine if an item meets these criteria before purchasing.

The company offers an online flyer that highlights sales, promotions and special deals available in local stores. This can be easily accessed using either typing in your zip code or searching on their website. In addition, their official store showcases various special offers and promotions tailored specifically towards first responders, military and law enforcement personnel as well as providing easy-to-compare pricing with popular brands while offering free shipping for orders of $100+ orders – also featuring products suitable for hunters such as rifles pistols and shotguns!