Subaru First Responder Discount

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subaru first responder discount

Subaru First Responder Discount

Members of the military or first responders can save up to $500 off their purchase price at Patriot Subaru through our special program designed specifically to honor them. This special incentive recognizes eligible active duty military personnel, reserves from U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force Marine Corps Coast Guard Space Force National Guard veterans retirees within 12 months from date of separation; veterans; retirees as well as participating spouse or domestic partners living within the same household who reside within twelve months from date of separation as well as participating domestic partners of eligible participants living within 12 months after date of separation as well as veterans or retirees living within twelve months from date of separation or veteran/retiree status; spouse/domestic partner participating spouse/domestic incentive offered as an exclusive incentive program by Patriot Subaru!

To qualify, you must negotiate the best buy or lease price with Patriot Subaru and have it clearly marked on your Bill of Sale or lease agreement. This program applies in addition to any zone- or regional-level cash incentives currently provided by Subaru of America.

Participating dealers may sell or lease two vehicles per eligible customer during the program period. Vehicles must be registered, titled, or leased under their name for personal noncommercial use or transportation only and registered or titled in their spouse/domestic partner’s name as an eligible participant (or their domestic partner’s). This program may be combined with other dealer-to-customer discounts such as advertised lease specials, internet coupons, or direct mail offers for even further savings.