T-Mobile Deals First Responder Discount

t mobile deals first responder discount

T-Mobile joins AT&T and Verizon in offering discounted monthly plans or offering special first responder plans as an “un-carrier ‘thank you'” to those serving our nation. CEO John Legere dubbed T-Mobile’s offer as an “uncarrier ‘thank you'”

Magenta First Responder offers significant savings for frontline workers and their families with 50% off family lines, providing significant annual savings up to $1,300 with four lines. Plus you get unlimited talk, text and data!

Magenta First Responder eligibility extends to law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMS personnel and federal employees as well as non-pensioned retirees, hospital workers, recruits and cadets. T-Mobile will verify eligible customers using government issued ID or recent pay stubs less than 60 days old and ensure the primary account holder of their plan either works in public safety themselves or can show they are related to someone killed on duty.

T-Mobile will also add a Samsung 5G rugged device and three paid plans tailored specifically for first responders; pricing information has yet to be made public. T-Mobile states it will give them priority access to its network; any non-emergency traffic will be deprioritized so emergency traffic has priority over other traffic on it.