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Samsung is a South Korean international electronics company headquartered in Seoul, known for its wide range of consumer electronics, telecommunications equipment, home appliances, and semiconductors.

Samsung is one of the world’s largest electronics companies and known for its innovative technology. They offer a wide range of products for both consumer and business use. Samsung has a diversified business portfolio that includes areas such as consumer electronics, telecommunications, semiconductors, and home appliances. The company is also a major player in the development of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G, and the Internet of Things.

How To Get The Samsung First Responder Discount

Discount for First Responders: Samsung offers a 10% discount to active first responders, including police officers, firefighters, and EMTs. To access the offer, first responders need to sign up and verify their employment status through ID.me, and the discount will automatically be applied at checkout. Link: https://www.samsung.com/us/shop/first-responder-discount/