T-Mobile Offers First Responder Discount on Magenta Plans

t mobile plans first responder discount

T-Mobile is taking further steps toward its “uncarrier” initiative that it pledged when seeking approval of their merger with Sprint, by offering first responders discounts on Magenta plans and devices starting November 1. They will offer 50% discounts off family lines of Magenta First Responder plans; additionally there will be special offers on Samsung phones such as their latest models.

T-Mobile will make its new plans available to state and local police, fire, and EMS departments that operate for non-profit. Eligible workers include active or retired first responders, pensioned retirees, parents of those killed in the line of duty as well as pensioned retirees with priority access on T-Mobile network; monthly taxes and fees included with plan price of $55 a month per line with unlimited talk/text/data, HD streaming video app free for one line plus up to 5GB high speed mobile hotspot usage; customer must verify their status annually to continue benefit from discounted rates offered to them by T-Mobile.

T-Mobile’s competitors, like Verizon, AT&T and (pending regulatory approval) T-Mobile merger partner Sprint have their own first responder discounts for select plans and accessories. Verizon even honored California firefighters during the Super Bowl ads. T-Mobile could benefit from matching these efforts of AT&T and Verizon as these might help it catch up to market leaders amid all of the negative publicity regarding them throttling data during wildfires in California last year.