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At Telus, they’re all about appreciation for the brave souls who serve our communities day in and day out. As such, they offer an exclusive first responder discount as a way of saying thanks and providing some well-deserved support.

Telus is one of Canada’s top telecommunications companies, providing a variety of communications products and services, such as data, voice, television, and entertainment. With their innovative approach and commitment to quality, Telus ensures you stay connected, no matter what.

First responders interested in this offer can visit the Telus website and explore the “Discounts” or “Promotions” section to find out more about the first responder discount program. After confirming their status as a first responder, they can enjoy the discount on Telus services, making staying connected a breeze and a little friendlier on the wallet.

More Information:

For those who have dedicated their lives to protecting and saving others, you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. That is why we’ve created this special discount program in recognition of those who bravely step forward during difficult times or arrive first at hazardous sites when an emergency occurs.

Active firefighters, police officers, search and rescue professionals or other public safety personnel can get a 10% discount on TELUS wireless plans. Applying is simple even if you don’t live in Canada!

TELUS Mobile Phones

Telus’ devices are mostly smartphones, though it also sells some feature phones. Most models offered by the company support HSPA+ and LTE speeds and can connect to a personal computer through a USB port.

TELUS Mobile Broadband Modems

Telus’ mobile broadband modems support various technologies, such as HSPA+ and LTE, and can connect to a personal computer through its USB port. Some of their more advanced models also come equipped with Bluetooth earpieces and Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities for added convenience.

Samsung and Telus to Launch Groundbreaking Push-to-X Network for Improved Communication Between First Responders

In March 2019, Telus and Samsung Networks, Samsung’s carrier and operator business wing, announced the launch of a groundbreaking Mission Critical Push-to-X (MCPTX) network. This will enable first responders to connect with one another and other public safety agencies through video conferencing, geographic data collection, geofencing, remote database access and other features.