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If you’re⁤ a first ‌responder, you deserve⁣ all the appreciation and recognition⁤ for your selfless service and dedication to keeping the​ community safe. That’s why it’s heartening to know that Under ‌Armour, the well-known sportswear​ and⁤ athletic‌ apparel ‍company, offers an exclusive discount to first⁣ responders. This discount ⁣allows you to enjoy their top-quality products at a more affordable⁣ price, so you can​ gear up and perform your best while on ⁢duty or during your workouts.

Under Armour is a trusted ‌name in the ⁣world of⁤ sportswear. Known for their⁢ commitment ​to delivering products that​ enhance performance, comfort,⁣ and style, ⁣they have become a go-to brand for⁤ athletes, fitness⁤ enthusiasts, and sports​ lovers. Under Armour offers a ⁤wide range ​of products, including athletic apparel, shoes, accessories, and fitness equipment. Their ⁤advanced technology ‍and attention to⁤ detail make ​their products stand out, ensuring that you⁣ can perform ⁤at your ​best ‌whether you’re⁣ on⁢ the field, in the gym, or on ⁣the job ⁢as a first responder.

To access the Under Armour first responder ​discount,‌ the process is simple and hassle-free. First, you ⁤need to ⁤verify your status as a first responder⁢ on the​ Under Armour website. This verification is done‌ through⁢ a trusted third-party⁢ system to ensure​ the discount is exclusively ⁢for those who serve as first⁣ responders. Once your status is verified, you can ‍enjoy a generous discount on your‍ purchases. This discount can be easily ⁢redeemed⁣ both online ⁤and ‍in-store, allowing you ​to choose⁣ your preferred shopping⁣ method. With this⁣ discount, Under Armour shows their gratitude for your service while helping ⁤you stay equipped with​ high-quality ⁣gear ‍that ​meets your‍ performance needs.


Q: What is the Under Armor ⁢first responder discount?
A: The Under Armor ⁤first responder discount is a⁤ special offer extended to all⁤ active-duty and retired first ​responders, including police officers, firefighters, and EMTs. It provides these brave ⁤individuals with a significant discount⁣ on Under Armor products as a token of appreciation ⁤for their service and⁤ sacrifices in protecting our communities.

Q: Who is eligible ​for the first⁢ responder​ discount?
A: The first responder ⁣discount⁢ is available to‌ all active-duty and ⁣retired ​first responders residing​ in the‌ United ⁣States. This includes ⁢police ‌officers, firefighters, and ​EMTs from⁢ both federal and local agencies. Under Armor is proud ‌to honor‌ those who‌ dedicate their lives to keeping us safe.

Q: How ⁤much is ‍the discount provided to ⁣first ⁢responders?
A:⁣ Under ⁢Armor offers ⁣a generous ​40% ‌discount on all full-priced items to ⁢eligible ‌first responders ⁤as​ part of their first responder appreciation program. This ‌discount allows first responders ⁢to​ enjoy significant savings on a ⁣wide range of high-performance sportswear, footwear, ​and accessories.

Q: How can first responders take‌ advantage ⁢of the​ discount?
A: In order to receive ⁣the first responder discount,⁤ eligible individuals need to⁢ verify their first responder status through⁣ a simple online ⁢verification process on ⁤the Under Armor⁤ website. Once verified, they can enjoy the exclusive‌ discount both online ⁤and at participating Under Armor ⁢retail stores across the United States.

Q: Are there any restrictions‌ or limitations to ‌the first responder⁢ discount?
A: The‌ first responder discount cannot be combined with any other ⁣promotions, offers, ⁣or coupon codes. It is also not applicable ‌to gift cards, outlet ‌items, limited-time collections,‍ or any previously purchased ⁣merchandise. However, the discount can be used on ⁢most​ full-priced items available on the Under Armor⁤ website or in-store.

Q: How long ‌does the first⁢ responder discount ⁣last?
A: Under Armor’s first responder discount program is⁢ an ⁣ongoing initiative to ⁢honor and support ‍the⁢ brave men and women who serve as first responders. ‌Therefore, there ‌is⁢ no specific end ⁣date for ​this discount​ program, allowing eligible first responders‌ to enjoy‍ the ​exclusive benefits for an ⁢extended period of⁤ time.

Q: Is the ⁢first responder discount⁤ available internationally?
A: ‌Currently, the first responder discount is only available to ​first⁤ responders residing‌ within the United States. However, ‌Under Armor has various discount programs and initiatives targeting​ different countries and⁣ regions, ‍so it’s worth checking their website for country-specific offers.

Q: Can family members‌ of first ⁤responders also ⁣receive the discount?
A:‌ Under Armor’s first responder ‍discount is specifically designed for active-duty and retired first responders. ⁤However, Under⁣ Armor ⁤offers ​other discount programs and promotions from time to time that may ‍be‌ applicable ⁣to family members and loved ones. It is⁣ recommended to check their website or contact customer service for more information on these⁢ specific offers.

Q: Does Under Armor provide any additional support to first responders?
A: Beyond the first responder⁢ discount, Under‌ Armor has ⁤a‍ long-standing commitment to⁢ supporting and ⁣empowering first responders. The company frequently collaborates​ with ⁣various communities and organizations to provide resources, equipment, and training opportunities‍ to enhance the well-being and ‍performance ⁢of first responders on the job. Under Armor ⁢recognizes and appreciates the sacrifices made by these ⁣individuals, and strives to be a supportive partner to the first ​responder community. ‍