US Cellular First Responder Discount

us cellular first responder discount

US Cellular is one of the fastest-growing local mobile network services on the market today, rapidly taking its place as one of the go-to options for people. They offer outstanding services at highly discounted rates while still remaining accessible and offering top quality coverage to people all across their local community.

First responder discounts are available for police officers, firefighters, emergency medical workers and military personnel. In addition to receiving discounted phone plans and accessories, they can save even more with these savings offers.

T-Mobile has long offered first responder discounts to healthcare employees; now they are also making this available to pensioned retirees and immediate family members of first responders killed in service of duty.

Verizon provides its first responder discount to state and local law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency medical response personnel, pensioned retirees and spouses of first responders who have died in the line of duty. In addition, Magenta First Responder plans offer discounted family plans at 50%.

Data priority enhancements offered by a major carrier aim to keep first responders connected even in remote locations or times of high cellular usage, even during times when demand may exceed capacity. They offer dedicated Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks which separate mission-critical data from commercial and consumer traffic – giving first responders and critical support teams higher priority access, according to carrier officials.

To qualify for discounts, you must be the primary account holder on a plan and first responder on it. Additional lines can be added, but must remain active within that contract. Discounts will appear on your bill within one or two billing cycles and continue throughout your contract term.