Vans First Responder Discount

Vans is a footwear and clothing company known for its signature shoes, backpacks and apparel, including its iconic checkerboard logo slip-on designs that have become part of youth culture and action sports lifestyle. Additionally, this business offers other footwear, clothing and accessories such as T-shirts and hoodies to consumers.

Vans no longer offers its first responder discount; however, active or former officers can take advantage of other promotions offered by them, including military program discounts that give special treatment to those serving or having served. It is important that before using any promotion from them as it requires verification as first responder status before accessing them.

GM First Responder Discount is one way of the company giving back to those making an impactful difference in our communities. Available on eligible Chevy vehicles, this discount provides paid or volunteer firefighters, police officers (including Sheriffs & Sheriff’s Deputies ), EMTs/Paramedics and 911 dispatchers with savings up to 10% on many new and unused Chevy cars; SUVs; crossovers; midsize light duty pickup trucks (LDT), cargo vans as well as passenger vans. Please ensure you comply with any relevant laws regulations rules ordinances policies or codes of conduct regarding gift acceptance relating to federal state or municipal government employees before accepting this offer!