Wendy’s Offers Military and First Responder Discounts

wendys first responder discount

Businesses have responded to the pandemic by offering first responders and others working to keep the public safe discounts and free food during special holidays and events such as September 11 or First Responders Day on October 28. These promotions often coincide with these holidays or events.

Jesse David Stover, 57, was charged with impersonating a police officer after trying to obtain the law enforcement discount at Wendy’s. Stover told restaurant staff he was an officer and displayed his gold badge – something police claim he has been trying to do for more than two years at this location alone.

Military members, veterans, and first responders receive an extended discount from this chain until 2023. It includes police officers, firefighters, nurses, EMTs and teachers as well as federal law enforcement agents – the participating locations can be found online.

Pizza Hut and Longhorn Steakhouse also provide discounts to first responders and others working to protect the nation, with Pizza Hut offering 15% military and first responder discounts (alcohol not included) while Shoney’s has a 15% discount for military, veterans, firemen, and emergency dispatchers.

Applebee’s locations may offer a 10% military or first responders discount when ID is presented; Denny’s also has such offers depending on where you go; Quiznos typically has military/first responder discounts as long as you ask and bring ID along.