Comcast Xfinity First Responder Discount

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Comcast Xfinity is a prime example of what happens when there’s no competition – with high prices and numerous headache-inducing attributes, like surprise fees and customer service that is best described as brutal. But you can use pricing leverage to negotiate better terms from Comcast; simply gain knowledge about other providers offering service in your area (specifically the prices of their plans without add-ons or term agreements) then present that information to them, making the case to switch providers in order to save money; they are more likely to offer discounts in order to secure their business relationship.

Xfinity bundles combine TV, Internet and phone for the same price as purchasing them individually; and often offer promotions where new customers can receive bundle deals at just the cost of TV-only. In addition, Xfinity also provides streaming-only option called Xfinity Stream that allows customers to save an average of $10/month ($120 annually) when used with an external device such as Roku Ultra or Amazon Fire TV stick streaming sticks.

While Xfinity does not specifically offer senior discounts, their Internet Essentials plan could reduce costs significantly for you if you qualify as part of its low-income plan. It is available to people receiving Social Security Income or Veterans Administration Pension payments or participating in other government assistance programs and can help bring costs down significantly. You can visit their website to determine eligibility.