Hollister, California – Home of the First Responder Discount

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hollister first responder discount

Hollister may evoke Southern California surf atmosphere and clothing brand. But for many in Hollister itself, the name conjures memories of childhood spent exploring California’s central coast foothills as well as town pride. Mention The Wild One (1953 Marlon Brando movie about an outlaw motorcycle racer), and expect nostalgic recall or perhaps the words, “Those were the days!”

On July 2, 1947, local newspaper the Evening Freelance reported that several thousand motorcyclists are expected to converge here Saturday for the Gypsy Tour, widely considered one of the premier motorcycle events of 1947. Motor maids of America was expected to participate; these girls compete in events such as hill climbs, track races and field meets.

Since 2015, many in the community have faced difficult circumstances. One former volunteer donated $300,000. When she died in 2015, however, some residents claim her money has been used for other than intended purposes.

R.O. Hardin High School administrators and staff have implemented an impressive literacy program in partnership with Seaside-based Chartwell School and the University of California San Francisco Dyslexia Center, making remarkable gains for its students. Bob Wise, former Governor of West Virginia himself and now serving on Chartwell’s board was thrilled by this success story at R.O. Hardin.