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Are you⁣ a first ⁣responder looking‍ for some great deals⁢ and ⁢discounts? Look no ⁤further than Ocean⁢ State Job Lot! This popular discount‌ retail ⁣chain offers⁤ a special ⁤first responder discount to show appreciation for the hard work⁣ and dedication of‍ our brave first responders. From⁣ groceries to household essentials and everything in between, Ocean ⁣State​ Job Lot has you covered with their wide range of products at incredibly affordable prices.

Ocean State Job ⁣Lot is a discount retail chain that has been serving ⁣customers for over 40 years. With more​ than 140 stores across the⁤ Northeast,‌ it offers a wide variety of products, ​including groceries,⁢ household items, health and beauty products, clothing, and⁢ even furniture. Their mission is to provide customers ‌with quality products ​at bargain prices,⁤ ensuring that shoppers can get the items ⁤they need without breaking the ‌bank. Whether‌ you’re stocking up on everyday necessities or looking for​ something special, Ocean State Job⁤ Lot has something for everyone.

To take advantage of Ocean⁤ State Job Lot’s first responder discount, ⁣simply visit one of their stores and present your ⁣valid ⁢first‌ responder identification at the ⁢checkout. This discount⁣ is available to all active and retired first responders, including police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and‍ paramedics. By offering this discount, Ocean State Job Lot aims to express their gratitude for the selfless ⁢service and sacrifices made by these heroes every day.​ So, next time you’re shopping at Ocean State Job Lot, don’t forget ​to show your ID and enjoy the ​savings​ as a token of appreciation for your exceptional service to the community.


Q: What is ‍the Ocean State Job‍ Lot first responder discount?
A: The⁣ Ocean State Job Lot first responder discount is a special offer ⁤exclusively⁣ available for first ⁣responders, ⁣including firefighters, police officers, and paramedics. This ‍discount ​provides a ​way to show ​appreciation for⁣ their dedication and service to the ​community.

Q: Which‍ first responders are eligible for this discount?
A: All active first responders, ‌such as firefighters, police officers, and paramedics, are eligible for⁢ the Ocean State Job Lot discount. Verification of​ your first responder status will be required to avail this offer.

Q: How much discount can first responders receive?
A: First⁤ responders can enjoy a generous discount of 30% off their ​total purchase at ⁤Ocean⁤ State Job Lot. It is an excellent opportunity to save on a wide range of products available in-store.

Q: Can the first ​responder ⁤discount be‍ used online?
A:‌ Unfortunately,⁣ at this time, the‍ first responder ‌discount is only available for‍ in-store purchases. However, we regularly update‍ our policies, ⁤so it’s advisable to check our website or contact the nearest Ocean State Job Lot store⁤ for any changes.

Q: What⁣ items can the first responder discount⁢ be used‍ on?
A:⁣ The discount is applicable to⁢ almost all items in-store. From household essentials, beauty and ‍personal care products, pet supplies, and tools to​ outdoor equipment and clothing, first⁢ responders can enjoy discounted prices on⁢ a vast ⁣variety of items.

Q: How can first ​responders apply the ​discount at Ocean State Job Lot?
A: ⁤First ⁣responders simply need to present their valid ⁤first responder identification or badge at the checkout counter‌ to apply the ⁢discount. The store associate will then deduct 30% off the ⁣ total purchase price.

Q: Are there any limitations to the first responder discount?
A: Yes,​ there are a few limitations to consider. The discount⁤ cannot be ⁤combined with any other ⁢promotions or⁣ coupons. Additionally, it is ⁤not applicable to previously purchased⁢ items, gift cards, or⁣ online orders.

Q: How long is ‍the first responder discount available?
A: The Ocean‌ State⁣ Job Lot first responder discount is an ongoing offer to express ⁢our ‌gratitude towards first responders. However, it is ‍always ⁢recommended to verify the availability of the discount by checking our‌ website or ⁣contacting ​your local store.

Q: Can family⁢ members of first responders also​ avail the discount?
A: Unfortunately, the first responder discount is only⁣ applicable to active first responders themselves. ⁣However, Ocean State Job Lot frequently offers other promotions and discounts which⁤ may be available⁣ to family members‍ and customers in general.

Q: Where can I find more information about the first responder‌ discount at Ocean State Job Lot?
A: For additional⁤ information ​about the‍ first responder discount, please visit the Ocean State Job Lot website or reach ⁢out to your local store. The website provides ⁢details⁤ on the discount‍ program, participating ‌locations, and any updates or changes to the offer.