a woman holding a Oculus/ Meta quest controller in her hand a woman holding a Oculus/ Meta quest controller in her hand

Oculus / Meta Quest 💵

Our search for a first responder discount at Oculus (Now known as Meta Quest) has not been successful. While we don’t have such discounts available, we’re pleased to share that there’s an opportunity to earn cash back on your Oculus purchases.

Oculus (Now called Meta Quest) is a‌ popular brand in​ the VR​ world and‍ has gained a strong reputation for ⁣its high-quality ⁢products.⁣ Whether you’re ⁤a⁤ firefighter, police officer, ‍paramedic, ‌or any ‌other type of ‌first ⁢responder, Oculus⁣ provides ‍an opportunity for you to step into another world ⁤through their ⁤virtual reality headsets.‍ From exploring far-off destinations⁢ in travel apps ​to feeling⁣ the adrenaline ⁢rush of a thrilling game, Oculus transports you to new experiences without leaving the ​comfort of your own‍ home. Moreover, Oculus is not ​limited to entertainment; it can also be⁣ used for innovative⁣ educational experiences, ⁤giving first responders the ‌chance to learn and train in realistic virtual environments.

How To Get Cash Back on Your Oculus Purchases

To benefit from the cash back deal on Oculus, the process is straightforward and quick. Simply check out the Fluz app using the button below, where a fast sign-up process awaits you. After getting the app and signing in, use the search bar to find the Oculus / Meta Quest page. Then, simply enter the amount of your purchase and follow the steps. That’s all it takes! Your cash back will be credited to your account instantly.