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Under Armour Military And

Under Armour is a well-known‍ and ⁢respected brand ⁢that offers a ‍variety of sports and fitness apparel and‌ accessories. What many‌ people may ‍not know is⁢ that Under Armour also provides a special ​discount program for military personnel‍ and first responders. This initiative not ⁤only serves as a token of appreciation for their dedicated service but also makes it ⁣more accessible for these ⁢individuals to obtain high-quality products for their active lifestyles.

Under Armour Military And‍ is a discount program specifically designed for⁣ current and retired military personnel, as well as first responders such as police officers, firefighters, and EMTs. This‌ special program allows these heroes to enjoy a 10% discount‌ on Under‍ Armour products.​ From workout ⁤clothes to shoes, ​from sports⁤ accessories to⁢ casual wear, Under ‍Armour offers a wide range of items that cater to various activities and needs. With this ⁣discount, military ⁤personnel ⁤and first responders can acquire the gear ​they require at a more affordable price, ensuring they have access to top-notch products that support their​ active⁤ lifestyles.

To take advantage of the Under ⁢Armour Military And first responder discount,⁤ individuals need to verify⁢ their eligibility through the ID.me platform. This process is simple ⁣and secure, requiring only a few minutes to ‍complete. After creating an ID.me account, service members ⁢and first responders can⁢ easily prove their identity⁢ and receive ‍their exclusive discount. Once verified, they ‍can shop online⁤ at Under‌ Armour’s website⁣ and⁤ apply ⁢the discount code at checkout to enjoy the savings. This program‌ allows these remarkable‍ individuals to‌ enjoy the benefits of Under ⁢Armour’s high-performance products while staying within⁤ their budget, thanks ⁣to this‌ thoughtful discount initiative.


Q: What is the “Under​ Armour Military​ and First ‍Responder Discount” all about?
A:‍ The “Under Armour Military ⁣and First Responder ​Discount” is a⁤ program designed to show ‌our appreciation to the brave men and women who serve in the⁢ military ​or work⁢ as ⁢first ‍responders. It offers a special ⁤discount on Under ‍Armour products to eligible individuals.

Q: ‍Who ⁢is eligible for the discount?
A: The discount⁢ is available ‌to active duty​ service members, veterans, retirees, ⁢military spouses, military dependents,‌ police officers, firefighters, and EMTs. Verification is required to ⁢confirm eligibility.

Q:⁤ How much discount can I get through this program?
A: Qualified individuals can ⁤enjoy a 10% discount on ⁤their Under Armour purchases. This discount can be used on full-priced items and is also stackable with other⁢ promotional offers.

Q: ‍How⁤ can I verify my⁣ eligibility?
A: Under​ Armour has ⁣partnered ⁤with ID.me,‌ an online‌ verification service,⁣ to confirm your eligibility. Most eligible individuals can easily⁢ complete⁣ the verification process through their secure platform.

Q: Is the military and first responder​ discount applicable in all Under Armour​ stores?
A:⁣ Yes, the discount is available at all Under Armour stores,‍ including our physical ⁣retail locations and online store. Simply ‍present a ⁢valid ‌military or first responder ID or⁢ use your verified ID.me account‌ during checkout to apply the discount.

Q: ⁤Can I combine the discount with other promotions ⁣or discounts?
A: ‍Yes, the Under⁤ Armour Military and First Responder Discount is‌ stackable with other promotions, so you can enjoy even more savings on your purchases.

Q: Is ‌the discount available‍ for international customers?
A: Yes, the discount is available⁤ to eligible international customers ‍as well. However, please⁤ note that the ⁣discount may vary based on local regulations and ‍laws.

Q: Are there any restrictions on using the discount?
A: The discount is intended for personal use‌ only and cannot be applied to gift ⁤cards, previous purchases, or taxes. Additionally, it cannot be combined with other offers or discounts from third-party retailers.

Q: Can I share my discount ​with family or ​friends?
A: No, the⁢ discount is non-transferable and is ‌intended solely ⁤for the eligible individual. However, each eligible individual can have up ⁤to⁣ four separate Under Armour accounts verified under their ID.me account.

Q:‍ How long does ​the verification process take?
A: ID.me’s verification process is generally quick and efficient. While instances ‍may vary, most ‍verifications are completed instantly.⁢ In⁤ some cases where additional verification is required, the process typically takes​ less ‌than five minutes.

We hope this Q&A has provided you​ with all the information ​you need regarding the‍ “Under Armour ​Military and First Responder Discount.” If ​you have any further⁢ questions or concerns, please contact our customer support team, who⁣ will be more ‌than happy to ⁢assist ⁢you. Thank you for ⁢your service!