Xfinity Mobile First Responder Discount

Xfinity Mobile First Responder Discount

In line with its commitment to the community, Xfinity is proud to offer a discount to first responders – such as police officers, fire fighters, ambulance workers and other public safety personnel. This discount extends beyond police officers and fire fighters and extends to ambulance workers as well.

You must present proof from your employer proving your employment in the field, and act as the primary account holder on the plan.

Xfinity Mobile makes the application process a breeze and will even delete sensitive information on your military service documentation.

Xfinity Mobile offers a selection of phones on installment plans or as one-off purchases, including the latest Samsung flagships and some budget models from LG.

Apple iPhones are also frequently discounted, with deals available on the newest handsets. To stay informed on current sales and discounts, be sure to visit Xfinity Mobile regularly.

Bring Your Own Device

Xfinity Mobile stands out by allowing customers to bring their own device when switching networks. This feature is especially appealing, and the fact that it supports most Androids means users have access to more smartphone options than many of its rivals.

Data Plans

Xfinity Mobile’s data plans aren’t unlimited, but they’re affordable and offer great value. They come in two varieties: By the Gig and Unlimited – each providing you with a varying amount of monthly data to use.

First responders can get an Xfinity Mobile plan at up to 30% discount. While this offer isn’t a new offer, it’s an excellent way to reduce costs on your wireless bill.